Enhanced Notepad: Microsoft's Spellcheck Upgrade for Windows 11

Catergory Technology

Microsoft is enhancing its Notepad app on Windows 11 with the addition of a spellcheck feature, set to roll out to all users later this year. Currently available for testers, this spellcheck function mirrors the experience found in Microsoft Word and Edge, marking misspelled words in red and providing suggestions for corrections upon right-clicking. Additionally, the feature includes autocorrect functionality to address mistakes in real-time as users type.

Notepad's spellcheck feature extends support for multiple languages and allows users to ignore specific words or add them to a custom dictionary. Dave Grochocki, principal product manager lead for Windows Inbox Apps, notes that while spellcheck is enabled by default for certain file types, it remains off by default for coding-related files like log files. Users can customize these settings globally or on a per-file basis through Notepad's settings menu or context menu.

This addition follows a series of updates to Notepad aimed at improving user experience. Recent enhancements include the introduction of a character count feature and an autosave option, along with the integration of dark mode, tabs, Copilot AI, and even a virtual fidget spinner. Microsoft's continued investment in Notepad underscores its commitment to refining built-in Windows 11 applications to meet the evolving needs of users.